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06.24.08 - L.A. Custom Pools just recently held a logo contest and announced the winners.
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07.01.08 - L.A. Custom Pools and Spas, Inc. Newsletter from the 2008 second edition.
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Number 2 2008 - Signature Pools and Spas
Making a Difference - Jumping into a tropical oasis after a long day's work was one of the goals of these homeowners.
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Number 1 2008 - Signature Pools and Spas
Immersed with Details - To create a classic retreat in his backyard, this homeowner wanted an ambiance that projected 2,000-year-old Greco Roman...
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Number 1 2007 - Signature Pools and Spas
Pool with a View - This homeowner wanted a pool with smooth lines and an infinity edge to highlight the view of the city's...
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January 2007 - AQUA Magazine
Out Of The Box, Into The Pool - Listening to clients' concerns helps builder win bid.
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Number 3 2005 - Signature Pools and Spas
Beauty from All Angles - Every once in awhile, there comes a chance to break out of the box and design something that's, well, different.
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Number 2 2005 - Signature Pools and Spas
Oasis with a View - This couple entertains frequently at their home. She is a doctor; he is a business owner.
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